What Makes Us Different?


We’re obsessed with quality. It’s a big deal to us, which is why all of our extracts are made using only REAL organically grown mushrooms – dual extracted and analytically tested to guarantee high potency of beneficial compounds.


No fillers, no bullsh!t. Just 100%, pure organic extract from whole fruiting body. That leaves you with a completely pure and organic mushroom extract that is loaded with bioactive compounds that boost your immune system and advance your cognitive function.


Natural Farming

Our premium mushroom extracts are made following organic methods and sustainable practices from harvest to home.

The farmers we work with are inspired by the principles of permaculture, while working harmoniously with nature in all agricultural practices.

Quality Control

Shroomex partners with family-run farms, who have been growing mushrooms for generations. The passion for quality runs deep, medicinal mushrooms have been part of their culture and medicine for centuries. They are real shroom wizards.

Potent Extracting

All of our extracts are made from wild mushroom strains harvested from the deep forest. This allows our extract to have the most natural, purest nutrient profile. Dual extracted for maximum potency. Strictly non-GMO, free from herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers.