Our Mushroom Mission

Mushrooms have been used in ancient medicinal and ritual practices since the dawn of human civilisation. Like our distant ancestors, we believe they hold the key for the evolution of body, mind and consciousness. Our brand exists to share the magical mushrooms with the world and ensure everybody has access to high quality, natural and pure products. Ones that are affordable and actually make a difference to people’s health and happiness.

Shroomex was founded by two brothers with a longstanding admiration and passion for the magic within mushrooms. Like so many people that have walked this path before us, we’ve had our lives changed by transformative powers of mushrooms. We know they can do the same for you and have made it our mission to educate others on the power and potential of fungi.

In 2020 we both quit our jobs to start our first mushroom company, Martian Mushrooms. Since launching, it’s grown to become one of the UK’s leading stores and helped more than 20,000+ people access and grow medicinal mushrooms.

The Industry's Dirty Secret

Launching and growing our first company required hard work, often under a lot of pressure and stress. Naturally, we were very interested in researching and experimenting with mushroom extracts to help us with our focus, energy, clarity and aid our productivity whilst reducing stress and fatigue. Something to help fuel us during those long days.

However, there was a problem. Getting our hands on good quality extract was near impossible. Plus, as we learned more about the mushroom supplement industry, we were shocked by the true scope of the problem.

The truth is, most mushroom supplements, especially those sold by the big brand names, aren’t made right. They sneakily use fillers or low-quality ingredients because it’s cheaper and faster to make product. A recent study found 75% of reishi mushroom supplements don’t even contain real reishi mushrooms!

Like the generations that had come before us, mushrooms had changed our lives. However, we weren't happy with the quality of products on the market. As keen mushroom growers ourselves with deep knowledge and expertise in how mushrooms are grown and the medicinal compounds within them, we knew we had the skills, knowledge and skillset to revolutionise the industry. Which it badly needed!

With that goal, Shroomex was born. Our company and brand is the antithesis of the industry standard. We only sell real, quality products that give you real results.

Quality Promise