It All Starts With Quality Mushrooms

Quality extracts start with quality mushrooms. Our mushrooms are grown deep in the mountains of the far east, the birthplace and capital of medicinal mushrooms.

In the tranquil forested mountains, clean air and crystal-clear mineral water is bountiful and produces the highest quality, purest and most nutrient dense medicinal mushrooms anywhere in the world. We believe sourcing our ingredients from their true source and habitat is the only way to ensure the high quality we demand.

Wild mushroom strains harvested from the deep forests are cultivated using US and EU certified organic farming methods - free from herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The mushrooms are grown in greenhouses that also make use of natural lighting and air flow. Our expert cultivators carefully monitor growing conditions, such as temperature and humidity, to produce mushrooms with the highest levels of bioactive compounds for maximum benefit.

Strict quality monitoring during all stages of cultivation is the only way to guarantee the quality and therapeutic effectiveness of the final product, so you can really feel a difference.

We're All Fruiting Body

At Shroomex we make all of our extracts from 100% whole mushroom fruiting body. The fruiting body is the recognisable cap and stem of a mushroom. This is where almost all of the beneficial, bioactive compounds like beta glucan, terpenes and polyphenols are found.

A lot of companies, including some of the biggest name brands, use "mycelial biomass," "mycelium," or "full spectrum" extracts. These supplements are made using mycelium, the mushroom’s ‘roots’ grown on grains. The end product is mostly grain starch and contains much less of the beneficial compounds you need to get the therapeutic benefits like increased energy or focus.

But don’t just take our word for it- the science agrees. Almost all of the thousands of scientific studies on medicinal mushroom have all been conducted using the whole fruiting body. The bioactive compounds within the fruiting body have shown to have significant benefits for both and brain and body.

Unlike myceliated grain alternatives, our products contain absolutely no mycelium, fillers or starch. Just 100% fruiting body mushrooms.

Extracting The Magic From Mushrooms

Medicinal mushrooms are filled with powerful therapeutic compounds like beta glucan, terpenes and polyphenols. These magic compounds are normally locked up inside the tough cell walls of the fruiting body, which are bodies are unable to break down. In order for the medicinal compounds to be made bioavailable and absorbed by our bodies, they must first be extracted.

We use the most advanced dual extraction technology to maximise the bioavailability and therapeutic potency of our extracts. Our mushrooms are first dried, ground into powder, and then immersed into hot water followed by alcohol to release their bioactive compounds.

We use this multi-step dual extraction process of the fruiting body to release the wide range of bioactive compounds. Water extraction works best for beta-glucans and alcohol extraction for terpenes. It’s a more expensive process but increases concentrations of all bioactive compounds in our extract, so you get the range of benefits.

Our 15:1 dual extracts use a whopping 15g of fresh mushrooms to make just a single gram of pure extract!